Affected or want to prevent yourself from the Petya Ransom Virus?

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Affected or want to prevent yourself from the Petya Ransom Virus?

Forget about WannaCry virus – You need to protect your computer and network from the outbreak of Petya ransom virus
WannaCry is old history compared to the recent cyberattack outbreak of the new, enhanced, and widely distributed ransom virus called Petya.
On June 28th, 2017 multiple large organizations, including government and critical infrastructure operators, in several countries around the world were infected by the enhanced Petya ransomware.    Petya Ransomware Virus
Petya is using the same EternalBlue SMB exploit employed by WannaCry in order to spread to new machines, but it features a different encryption algorithm implementation than before and spreads rapidly. Once the system is infected, Petya encrypts it and demands a $300 payment to return access. What makes it even harder to deal with is that the email address shown in Petya’s ransom note was almost immediately blocked by Paleo, making it impossible for affected users to pay the ransom and recover their files. Paying is not an option.
Thousands of machines in 65 countries were hit including the United States, Brazil, Russia, Belgium, and Germany, with the largest number (12,500) originating from Ukraine, as Microsoft revealed. The total number of infected machines remains unknown. Among those being attacked are Ukraine central bank, the Kiev metro, the Ukrainian state power distributor Ukrenergo, Chernobyl’s radiation monitoring system, DLA Piper law firm, British advertiser WPP, the Russian oil giant Rosneft,  U.S. biopharmaceutical giant Merck, and Danish shipping and energy company Maersk, as Security Week reports.
A day later, Cisco reported a new malware variant that is distinct enough from Petya, identifying it as Nyetya. No one expects that this is the end of the story with ransomware.
Cybersecurity is a major issue and cannot be taken lightly. It should be addressed properly as “prevention is better than cure.” Fortunately, there are solutions for both prevention and cure in the case of infected systems. No need to panic.
Accend Networks can help you right away with a wide list of “weapons” against Petya such as Cisco FirePOWER, Palo Alto Networks, and other vendors’ solution. With these solutions, we strengthen readiness and response to attacks. We fight ransomware in every possible place where it tries to do damage.
Most importantly, with our tools and solutions, we apply a breach prevention-based approach to automatically stop threats in all stages of the attack. It is a multi-layered approach with complementary prevention controls. Our qualified experts with many decades of combined experience can propose the right solution for you.
Don’t wait. Contact us today at for a detailed and customized proposal on how to protect your precious system.

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