Ethical Shopping – Change the World by How to Shop at a time

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Ethical Shopping – Change the World by How to Shop at a time

What Is Ethical Shopping:

OK, you’ve asked for it.  What is ethical shopping?  It can mean different things to different people, depending on their point of view.

In the terms of online shopping or in an actual store, you want to make sure that the business you’re dealing with is ethical and not lying to the public in the terms of prices, promotions, or other sales ticket items. It can also mean that businesses might be inflating their books so that the company value looks much better than it is.

This can help more sales but the facts and figures aren’t correct.  You may see this in stocks prices where a company inflates its financial statements to attract more investors hoping to sell more equity shares.

A company like this is not being ethical, so they clearly are not a good business to work with.

Ethical Shopping

Ethical shopping is involved when a buyer or shopper looks for businesses that have demonstrated social responsibility, ethical business practices, and sustainability.

How Ethical Shopping Works:

They may only work with businesses and suppliers that promote and provide sustainable energy or offer energy-efficient products.  Their products may have ratings and labels such as Energy Saving Trust or Cisco EnergyWise devices.


Cisco EnergyWise, for example, helps reduce costs and increase operational efficiency while optimising greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions and complying with government directives.

The products help to save power by decreasing consumption 50 percent, for example by switching off access points radios on a user-defined schedule using Adaptive Power Management for Cisco Aironet Access Points.

Another example might be to restrict power usage of unused or idle slots and implement more effective PoE monitoring and management with the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series switches.

Ethical Shopping Works

The energy bill you get at the end of the month will be less costly as a result because these devices do not have power when they are idle and not being used. Other industries offer different alternatives for energy, such as First Solar or Solar City that specialises in solar energy and provides renewable energy from the sun.

All these types of ethical shopping behaviour show that vigilant companies are acting in good faith and not concealing information to outsiders. Likewise, included are companies providing good products and services that help save on energy cost or offer a more natural form of by-product.

Ethical Shopping Affects:

Having a good ethical shopping mentality affects both the consumers and suppliers who are acting according to the best principles.  It takes both sides to achieve the same goal of having good business practices.

No one wants to do business with a deceptive party; an ethical person would rather do business with an organisation that provides some value to its products and services.


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