Checkpoint to Cisco FirePOWER Migration

Checkpoint to Cisco FirePOWER Migration

Case Study

  • Client: PARC
  • Location: Palo Alto, California

The Challenge

PARC, a Xerox company, was running on some legacy Checkpoint firewalls on cloned machines. They needed assistance to migrate them to the Cisco Next Generation FirePOWER firewalls with High Availability.

Our Solution

Accend's Network Security Subject Matter Expert assisted with migrating the pair of Checkpoint firewalls running in high availability (HA) mode. The Checkpoint firewalls had a lot of legacy firewall rules and object groups. We were able to assist them with migrating the firewall rules using the Checkpoint Migration Tool to migrate the rules automatically to the Cisco’s configurations, that were importable the Cisco ASA\FirePOWER firewall. Some static routes and interfaces had to be manually converted.

The Results

Accend assisted with staging the migrated configurations to the Cisco ASA\FirePOWER prior to the maintenance window. All rules (left inactive), routes, interfaces, certificates, and any configuration components that weren’t able to be converted automatic were carefully reviewed and manually migrated over. During the maintenance window, we moved all cabling, activated all firewall rules, and tested to make sure traffic was passing through. After fixing any issues found, PARC was running on the new Cisco ASA FirePOWER firewall.

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