Cisco ACS to ISE Migration

Cisco ACS to ISE Migration

Case Study

The Challenge

FLARNG, Florida Army National Guard, required assistance installation and configuration of Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). They acquired Cisco ISE equipment and software for use on the FLARNG military network, and they wished to migrate their Access Control System (ACS) environment over to Cisco ISE as well as integrate dynamic authentication and authorization capabilities into their existing infrastructure, leveraging Cisco ISE. They required assistance to install 802.1x to authentication, authorization, and profiling for wired/wireless NAC configuration, training for all their network team, and documentation. Devices in use were Cisco 3650 and 3850 Catalyst switches.

Our Solution

Accend assisted FLARNG with the migration from ACS to Cisco ISE using the migration tool. After the migration was done, we assisted with configuring Cisco ISE for authentication, authorization, and profiling of client devices using 802.1X with MAB authentication, Anyconnect Posturing and Remediation, and Profiling. Pilot configuration was done on several Cisco Catalyst switches, model 3650 and 3850, before final rollout to production. We also provided knowledge transfer and end user’s training on how to administer Cisco ISE. All pertinent and relevant configurations were documented and provided to FLARNG.

The Results

FLARNG was able to use their two Cisco ISE appliances that they purchased in a high availability mode for authentication of Cisco devices using TACACS+ and 802.1x authentication, authorization, accounting, and providing using 802.1x with MAB authentication in a two weeks time period.

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