Data Center and Virtualization

Data Center and Virtualization

Maximize uptime and data availability with a secure, flexible, and efficient data center. Your company will not only deploy new systems and applications faster, but you’ll also improve employee productivity and streamline operations. With the right data center design and setup, you solve more problems and make better decisions. Even better, the right design paves the way for digital transformation.

Data Center Design

Data center design is all about determining the right servers, layout, and equipment--from the right computing power as well as cooling and ventilation systems. We also take a look at the facility in terms of business continuity planning and disaster recovery. Designing this system is not just about building a home for your hardware and making sure the software is up 24/7 though. Logical security measures like video monitoring, roving guard patrols, guard gates, secure fencing, and visitor screening are also essential.

When you create a data center, you must also think about the future needs of your company. As your company grows, it must have the space to grow alongside you. To make sure this is possible, you must undertake proper data center design. Consult with an expert IT solutions provider like Accend Networks and leave your data center design requirements to us. That way, you focus on what you do best--your business.

Top 3 Data Center Challenges

Data centers can solve many issues when it comes to data availability and security. However, they also face the following challenges:

  • Maintaining Uptime and Availability

Managing server information can be demanding because you have to ensure that the stored data is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. If there is downtime, whether due to malfunctions or scheduled maintenance, you need to have experienced engineers to resolve the issues immediately. After all, extended downtime can lead to loss of productivity and income.

  • Managing Electricity Consumption and Maximizing Capacity

Accurately forecasting the precise space, cooling, and power requirements of a dynamic data center is difficult. While you can try to estimate, predicting when it will run out of disk space, which server is best, and how much power it needs to ensure availability and uptime is next to impossible. In fact, many data centers consume enormous amounts of electricity because they need to run their facilities 24/7.

  • Improving Employee Productivity

Manual or non-automated systems need IT and facilities staff to monitor time logging activities instead of making strategic decisions and improving service offerings. We take the stress of managing this away from you.

Working With Accend Networks

Overcome the challenges of maintaining a data center by working with us. As an IT solutions provider, we do the nitty-gritty work, so you can focus on your core business activities.

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Why You Should Virtualize Your Data Center

  • 1.Reduce Single Hardware Dependency

Server virtualization can remove your dependency from your data center, and replace your old hardware with virtual hardware. You do not have to worry about server assembly because we will take care of it. You gain flexibility and leverage because if a server is not working, the virtual machines will use the other servers’ CPU resources.

  • 2.Improve Disaster Recovery

You can lose your vital proprietary data without an excellent disaster recovery strategy. With a virtualized data center, we can quickly move your virtual machines to another server or virtual host in case of a disaster.

  • 3.Benefit from Cost Savings

Servers are expensive, but you need them if you want to have an in-house data center. If you work with us, you will not need to buy them because you can connect to our data center through virtualization. You also save on electricity costs and experience no or little downtime.

  • 4.Deploy Resources Faster

Virtualization will allow you to deploy new resources quickly because you do not need to create local networks, install components, or set up in-house machines. Your employees can use the state-of-the-art resources automatically through your virtual environment--even when they’re working from home.

We can help in the following areas for data center design and virtualization:

  • VMware
  • Cisco UCS
  • Cisco Hyperflex
  • Cisco Unified Computing System
  • VN-Link
  • Virtual SAN

Network-embedded virtualized application networking services.

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