STEM Audio and Cameras Mounting for K-12

STEM Audio and Cameras Mounting for K-12

The Challenge

Charles Armstrong School (CAS) needed assistance with
mounting and running cabling (Cat 6 and HDMI cables) for
their STEM Ceiling microphones and cameras for 17
classrooms so they could continue to teach during COVID-19
via a live video session.

Client: Charles Armstrong School
Location: Belmont, California

Our Solution

Accend’s team assisted with the mounting of the STEM Ceiling microphones and cameras, which included running all
ethernet & HDMI cables and ensuring the ethernet cables were patched in a live port if possible. Cable management was
also done to ensure the cable installation was aesthetically pleasing.

The Results

CAS’ team was able to provide their students with an audio and visual equipment to all their 17 classrooms. Accend
made sure that the equipment was properly installed and mounted in the proper height, and the cameras were installed
in such a way so that unwanted views were not in the way. CAS needed to be able to capture the front of the
classrooms during the teaching session, and the STEM ceiling microphone was not too high to not be able to capture
the audio of the entire classroom, and not too low for the device to be tampered with.

Accend’s team did all the prep work: mounting of brackets, cable ties management for the ethernet and HDMI cables,
and ran suspension wire for the STEM ceiling microphones, and tested the ethernet port to ensure a live port was

Technologies Used

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