Network Wiring and Servers Installation including Rack and Stack at Keiser Lab @UCSF

Network Wiring and Servers Installation including Rack and Stack at Keiser Lab @UCSF

The Challenge

Keiser Lab @UCSF needed a service provider to assist them with
running fiber cross-connect for their network extension,
installing/reinstalling 14 GPU cards in 7 custom built Colfax 2U
Rackmount servers, installed Centos Stream, configured basic
network connectivity, configured their open source switches
(Mellanox) for Layer 2 VLAN and Layer 3 basic routing for just
outbound internet, and installed a FreeNAS on one newly built
Centos server.

Keiser Lab @UCSF had purchased the equipment for eight months
prior and couldn’t find a reliable IT provider who could assist on a
project based consulting without a Managed Services agreement.

Client: Keiser Lab @UCSF
Location: San Francisco, California
Website: www.keiserlab.or

Our Solution

Accend’s team was able to provide Keiser Lab with a quick turnaround time, and completed the project in a two to three
weeks time period, from initial scoping meeting to actual installation and documentation.

Accend provided a CCIE level Senior Network Architect/Engineer, a Red Hat Certified engineer, and a junior network
engineer to assist them with the entire project.

The Results

Keiser Lab was able to have 7 Centos servers configured with basic network connectivity with SSH enabled for remote
access, a FreeNAS share drive mounted, and an underlying network for their new servers. The Mellanox switches were
configured with 10G fiber uplink to UCSF’s main campus just for outbound internet connectivity, a 10G fiber downlink to
the new network server rack, and a 25G fiber link for each of servers (7 Centos server and 1 FreeNAS server).

Keiser Lab was pleased with the result and even provided Accend with additional work out of the original Statement of

Technologies Used

    • CCIE Senior Network Engineer
    • Redhat Certified Engineer
    • Centos Stream
    • FreeNAS Server
    • Mellanox Open Source Switches (Quantity 2)
    • 14 GPU cards

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