Ransomware Attack on Exchange 2007 Server

Ransomware Attack on

Exchange 2007 Server

Case Study

Chesapeake Health Care provides health care services to residents of the three lower counties of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It has two locations in Maryland. It provides Adult Medicine, Pediatrics, Mental Health, Dental for children and moms-to-be and OB/GYN
at the Salisbury location. The Administrative services are located at Beaver Run Business Park, in addition to one of its Pharmacy services. A listing of all of its locations can be found here: Chesapeake Health Care.

  • Client: Chesapeake Health Care
  • Location: Salisbury, Maryland

The Challenge

Chesapeake Health Care’s IT staff reached out to us because they had a ransomware attack that crippled some of their Windows infrastructure, including the server handling their backups. While they were able to recover and disinfected some of their systems, they had a difficult time with their Exchange 2007 server. Users were able to access their email via Outlook as a workaround. OWA was how most of their users were accessing emails, and unfortunately, it was useless to them. They had issues migrating to Office 365 and were getting a lot of errors.

Our Solution

Accend provided a Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect (CISA) and Microsoft Certified IT Professional (CPIT) in Office 365, and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Office 365 Administration, to assist with migrating their Exchange 2007 to Office 365 for approximately 400 users. All work was done remotely via Team Viewer access.

The Results

Our Microsoft Certified Subject Matter Expert (SME) did the migration in the background while users were still able to access their mailboxes until the full migration was completed. A cut over maintenance window was done to the new environment.

Technologies and Solutions:

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect (CISA) - Office 365 SME
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (CPIT) - Office 365 SME
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist - Office 365 SME
  • Office 365
  • Exchange 2007

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