Ruckus Wired and Wireless Solution for 100K Square Footage Warehouse Facility

Ruckus Wired and Wireless Solution for 100K Square Footage Warehouse Facility

Case Study

  • Client: Pitcofoods
  • Location:Sacramento, California

The Challenge

Pitcofoods, a $300M wholesale distributor Costco-like company for retailers, moved its 100K square footage warehouse to a new location in Sacramento, and wireless networks were unstable and never really worked after it moved in for two weeks.

Our Solution

Pitcofoods’ CEO and Verizon Wireless engaged Accend Networks’ team during a crisis in the midst of their move
and we jumped on it right away. It was all hands on deck. The CEO of the company was getting ready to throw
out all recently purchased Ruckus switches (ICX-7150 24 and 12 ports switches), and 16 Access Points (a mixture
of indoor R510 and T310D models).

Accend's team of two network consultants packed our stuff, arrived on site, and worked tirelessly all night and
weekends, up to 6 am the next day, for almost two weeks to re-architect their networks to support their growing
warehouse. They had subnets that couldn’t support the number of devices and was causing constant and intermittent
outages and inability for endpoints to be able to connect to their networks, primary wireless devices because of the
warehouse facility that they were in.

Their warehouse picking Motorola and other picking handheld devices also weren’t connecting in certain areas and
connections were getting dropped.

The CEO was getting ready to get rid of all equipment and start from scratch as he was losing at least half a million
dollars a day.

The Results

  • Achieved a stable networking environment
  • Handheld picking devices were able to join, connect with no issues, and workers were able to start taking inventory
  • Connectivity to their HQ office in San Jose was stable
  • Saved at least half a million dollars a day
Other services  provided to Pitcofoods included:
  • Acted as a Security/Network Subject Matter Expert for theirCisco ASA FirePOWER Module
  • Assisted with providing Network Infrastructure support of their Networks and Systems environment
Technologies supported:
  • Supported their Cisco Core and Access switches
  • Microsoft DNS and DHCP Services
  • Assisted with installation VMware vSphere Hypervisor 5.1 (ESXi 5.1) for their Cisco Firepower Manager Center

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