Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Your structured cabling topology is vital in your Data and IP telephony infrastructure. You should be able to rely on it to support your present and future data and telecom requirements. Starting from design up to maintenance, let Accend Networks be your one-stop structured cabling provider.

How Accend Networks Can Help You

If you do not have a structured network cable infrastructure, you rely on point-to-point cabling that consists of a tangle of cables and phone cords. This practice is costly and challenging to operate and maintain. It is also a hassle if your business is expanding and hiring more employees.
An expanding network requires a cabling system that meets your operational performance requirements and the building codes. A properly designed and tested structured cabling network ensures that your employees always stay connected. As an IT solutions provider and structured cabling expert, we can help you with your cabling needs.

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Why Work with Accend Networks

Fewer Repair Expenses

Structured cabling can connect several devices through a sole cable panel. If an issue arises, it is easier to figure out and fix the problem. Only those employees connected to the precarious wiring can experience a disruption. The rest of your workforce can keep working.

Future-Proof IT Infrastructure

Structure wiring allows you to plan your IT infrastructure. You can use your cables for at least 15 years, but if you are still using a point-to-point cabling system, your system may break within a year. Going for structured wiring ensures a future-proof infrastructure.

Enhanced Flexibility

If your business is expanding, you need to hire more employees and add more devices to your network. If you are using other cabling systems, you need to disrupt and rearrange all devices to add the additional requirements. If you use structured wiring, you only need to connect the new device to the nearest cable panel and disconnect it from the plug if you no longer need it.

Structured Wiring Subsystems

A structured cabling system does not only consist of cables. It also includes network cabinets, racks, hardware, ports, and other smaller pieces. These standard elements or subsystems are essential in ensuring that your network works.

  • Entrance Facilities - physical point where your office wiring begins and where the telco company’s cable ends
  • Equipment Room - office area where you keep your consolidation points and equipment
  • Backbone Cabling - intra-building and inter-building wire connections
  • Horizontal Cabling - connects your telecommunications room to work areas or outlets in your office
  • Telecommunications Room - connects your horizontal and backbone cablings.
  • Work Area Components - connect your employees’ equipment to the horizontal cabling outlets.

Structured cabling consists of the system design and layout. It can be tricky because you must consider other factors like airflow, cooling, and heat.
When you work with Accend Networks, you ensure that your cabling infrastructure fits your present and future requirements. These six subsystems support your business operations, so make sure you only work with those who have the expertise who can future-proof your cabling system.

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