Hello, late on a hot summers night I received a phone call from my manager. He told that a customer had an incident and need immediate assistance. Never will to say no. I immediately responded. “send me the address”. With very few details and no true understanding of the depth and scope of the issues I packed my bag and headed for the train station. After a long 6 hour ride I arrived onsite at the customer location and was immediately briefed on the situation. After years of maintaining the status quo. The company was comprised. Comprised to the point where the very future of the company was on the line. My eyes were opened immediately. Not totally on the problem. But, what can and will happen if an organization does not implement and maintain a proper refresh and security posture. The plan was simple. To paraphrase General Colin Powell. We are going to cut the enemy off and kill it. After getting some rest a great team of individuals (with the support of some powerful names in the network security industry) from all over the USA was assembled to deal with the problem. We executed the “cut off and kill plan”. It took dozens of networking R&S and security professionals to deploy over 100 firewalls to all parts of the globe. We took a project that should have taken 6 – 8 months and executed and successfully remediated the problem in 6 weeks. What I learned from that experience will follow me and guide me for the rest of my professional life. If any organization (regardless of size) does not implement a robust software, hardware refresh and security program. They can pay the ultimate price. In today’s world security is no longer a nice to have. Organizational leaders must understand that security must become a way of life. The money you spend today can save your tomorrow. Today is your opportunity to address the problems of tomorrow.