When Disaster Hits, Rest Easy

When Disaster Hits, Rest Easy

The Challenge

Our client, Lithotype, provides high-quality package printing from multiple locations across the United States. Storing data is critical to the success of their business, and time is always of the essence. When their core system crashed, business came to a halt with the possibility of missing essential deadlines.

Client: Lithotype
Location: San Francisco, California

Our Solution

Accend Networks' Disaster Recovery experts stepped in immediately to help restore data from an outdated system.

Our Emergency Response Team

    • Assisted Lithotype to rebuild the switch’s teaming network configuration to work with their VMware virtual
      switch settings from scratch to preserve the existing virtual machines to avoid losing any data.
    • Rebuilt Lithotype's outdated network connectivity with a replacement switch.
    • Ensured any data from the old system would not be lost in configuration.
    • Worked efficiently to allow Lithotype to be fully restored and back in business the following morning.

The Results

In less than 1 day, Lithotype's data was fully restored and any scheduled projects were not delayed.

"Not only did Paula and Accend Networks come to our rescue, they brought a replacement switch, configured it, and was online supporting us throughout the entire time... Paula was amazingly quick, ef icient and brilliant with what she did. I will definitely use Paula and Accend Networks again."

-Nav Madhwan, IT Systems Administrator

Why Backup & Disaster Recovery?

    • Continuous data protection
    • Regular, secure and reliable back-ups
    • Hassle-free data management
    • Enhanced security
    • Proactive maintenance
    • Quickly restore backups & IT
    • Operations and Services

Causes of Disaster

    • System disaster
    • Natural disaster
    • Human error disaster

Technologies Used

    • Cisco LACP
    • Cisco Catalyst Switches for Data Center
    • VMware vSwtich and VMware Host Clients.
  • Virtual Machines
  • Emergency Response Team.
  • Disaster Recovery.

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