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More than 50+ clients are satisfied with our Network Security Consulting services!

Ransomware Attacks, Network Attacks, and Virus Attacks?  We can help you. We’re a San Jose based IT Solutions Provider, and an IT Outsourcing company.

We have a combined 80+ Years of IT Experience.  We give you the solutions you need while you focus on growing your bottom line.

We are an extension to your IT department.  

Our company’s history started 7 years ago and since then we’ve grown to serving clients from K-12, local, state, federal, and small to mid-size enterprises.   However, 7 years do not mean that we lack experience.  We have a team of IT veterans who have been in the industry for over 20+ years, have a diverse wealth of certifications in different technology area, and our combines 80+ years of IT experience are meant to provide you solutions to most IT challenges.

We’re passionate about helping our clients to solve their problems, while allowing them to grown their business.  We are seen as partners and not just engineers.  We strive to understand our clients’ long term objective and provide them with an IT vehicle that is efficient, cost-effective, and simple to understand and use.

“No IT problems is a challenge to us.  We are creative people who will work around the clock until the problem is solved.  Give us a chance and we will show you how we work.  If you’re not satisfied, we will give you a money back guaranteed.” – Paula Wong, CEO and Founder.


Network Security and Audits

We help our clients with the deployment of their Network Security projects, including Network Assessment and Government Audits, Penetration Testing, Firewalls and VPN Solutions, and much more.

Network Infrastructure

We assist with network design, implementation and support of existing, growing and new networks. No networks is too small or complex for us.

Turn-Key Solutions

Our in-house staff can assist you with all phases of an IT project while documenting and providing you with the needed knowledge transfer and training of the products and services, making you the new company IT in a short period of time.

Our Services

Network Security Assessment, IoT, and Compliance Audits

We have provided a wide variety of Network Security related services, each unique

Network Infrastructure

We’ve been exposed to a wide range of network infrastructures, ranging from start-ups

Turn-Key Solutions

Our turn-key solutions help our clients get their products deployed quickly. As part

Managed Security Solutions

We offer a variety of different Managed Security Solutions packages. See below the

Staff Augmentation

We provide unmatched expertise and a quick turnaround with highly vetted staffs. POPULAR


We have the partnership with branded technology vendor such as Cisco, HP, Dell,

Serving Northern and Southern California, Maryland, Boston, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Florida.

Money Back Guaranteed!

If you’re not happy with our service, we’ll gladly provide you with a refund!

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Recent Blogs

Google Cloud Endpoints | Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud Endpoints | Google Cloud Services

Apple iOS, Androids, Apple iPAD, Chromebooks, and other tablets are the common Google cloud endpoints found today.  Servers, laptops, and desktops are also cloud endpoints because they access the same cloud environment, but users tend to think differently. Below is an...

Network Consultant Company | Network Services California

Network Consultant Company | Network Services California

Are you inundated with IT projects and not sure whom to offload some of your IT Projects to?  Look no further. Accend Networks has a combined 80+ years of experience with a team of high caliber engineers, most with over 5+years of experience. We are headquartered in...

Vmware Service Provider | Vmware Cloud Services

Vmware Service Provider | Vmware Cloud Services

For over a decade, Accend has helped countless businesses maximize their profits by cutting back on operational costs by 45% or more. As a responsible VMware service provider, we have catered to the needs of several organizations — from startups to Federal agencies...

How to Locate a Host On a Switch Given Its MAC Address

How to Locate a Host On a Switch Given Its MAC Address One of the most helpful troubleshooting methods for any IT administrator is figuring out where a host is located on the network.  You can do this if you know only its IP address or you have its MAC address...

Solarwinds Network Monitoring | Network Monitoring System

Solarwinds Network Monitoring | Network Monitoring System

Several of our mid-size, municipal and federal clients have required assistance with their Solarwinds Network Monitoring software. They needed help to ensure that the modules they purchased were installed correctly and optimized for best performance. They also needed...

Global Security Solutions | Advanced Security Solutions

Global Security Solutions | Advanced Security Solutions

Accend has been a Global Security Solutions provider for several clients when their networks were attacked by ransomware. Their locations are in different parts of the world. They look to us to provide rapid security solutions. When both of our east coast clients were...

Some of Our Clients Saying About Us

Our extensive expertise will make sure that yours is a SUCCESS STORY once again!

PARC, a Xerox Subsidiary

Accend supports our organizations on-prem and cloud daily operations in the domains of infrastructure and security. Accend supports both major projects as well as our daily operations.  Accend consistently delivers on their commitment to maintain accurate project scoping. They notify us ahead of time when there are potential risks or delays, and we have not yet had a project that has exceeded expected scope in an unexpected way.




Ken Ish

CyberSecurity Manager

Cal State Los Angeles

Recently our client, Cal State Los Angeles, had been experiencing network latency related to their Juniper ISG2000 Service Gateway.  Network performance had degraded to the point where it was noticeable to students and staff.  Cal State LA engaged Cloudify, who in turn engaged Paula Wong to provide network performance – before the student body returned on Monday.  Paula was able to troubleshoot the system and optimize the network performance.  Due to Paula, the engagement was a big success for the university.

Eric Magness

Project Executive, Cloudify

Eden Housing

Eden Housing has been a satisfied customer of Accend Networks for over 3 years. From the beginning, Accend Networks strove to understood our business and technical requirements in applying their expertise to manage our enterprise WAN environment. By not using a one size fits all approach, they have been and will continue to be an important contributor to our success.

Nate Payne

Associate Director, Business Technology of Eden Housing

We had Accend help with one of our client’s needs. They did a great job, providing great value, as we were working with a challenging client. We would definitely hire them again!

Steve Shofner

Senior Manager, Armanino LLP

Sunday Mid-day we come to find out that our switch died on us. After researching and trying to find out what had happened, we found Paula and Accend Networks. Not only Paula came to our rescue BUT she brought in a replacement switch, configured it and was online supporting us through-out the time.

Nav Madhwan

Systems Administrator, Lithotype

Paula was really helpful when we needed an expert help with a project and was willing to do it over a weekend. Nice working with you.

Duleep Pillai

Principal, Veltec Networks

Our company hired Accend Networks for a large project in the City of Merced. This was to connect 15 different intersections over a Cisco Wireless Network. I got to work with Paula Wong from Accend Networks on this project, and she went above and beyond expectations for us. We were more than satisfied with the quality of work and professionalism shown by Paula. We definitely look forward to utilizing her expertise on future projects.

Pedro Lopez

Director of Network Services, Western Pacific Signal

We have been working with Accend Networks for over 2 years now and Paula has provided exceptional service every time. She has great in-depth knowledge on Networking and has helped us with number of small and big projects ranging from S2S VPN setup with our Customers, Moving our offices with new hardware and minimal downtime and recently setting us up with the IPV6 for testing our Routers. Would recommend Accend Networks for any Networking and Security projects.

Amit Kathuria

Sr. IT Administrator, ASSIA-INC

We hired Paula Wong of Accend Networks to perform an ASA migration in September of 2016. Paula was able to quickly analyze the project, determine viability and begin developing our configuration. A few problems came up along the way but she was able to address and resolve each issue as needed. There were no problems scheduling after-hours sessions and Paula had resources to aid with traveling and cabling but we did not need them. The rates and time quoted were accurate and fair. Paula worked to ensure that our needs were met. Overall Paula performed well and the experience was very positive and valuable. She was efficient in delivering the expected outcome and completing the migration successfully. Her expertise and professionalism were apparent throughout the process. We have continued to work with Paula for additional projects and look forward to future engagements.

Gunner Belemecich

IT Manager, Condor Earth

We hired this company to swap out the gateway for our phone system. They ordered the new router and pre-configured it. They arrived on time and did the cutover seamlessly. Their service charge is very reasonable and their service is professional. We will use them for our next project to setup a dual firewall for redundancy.

Ted Pan

IT Manager, Notre Dame High school

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Accend Networks is one of the leading IT Solutions Providers providing consulting services for small, medium-sized businesses and large corporations, including SLED customers. A lot of clients have already turned to us for help and use our services.

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Google Cloud Endpoints | Google Cloud Services
Google Cloud Endpoints | Google Cloud Services

Apple iOS, Androids, Apple iPAD, Chromebooks, and other tablets are the common Google cloud endpoints found today.  Servers, laptops, and desktops are also cloud endpoints because they access the same cloud environment, but users tend to think differently. Below is an...